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Queer ● Divine ● Dissatisfaction

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Queer Divine Dissatisfaction

Oliver Sale [they/he] is a person you passed on the street. They reminds you somewhat of a friend, and they smiled at you very softly, which you thought was pretty nice.

At a poetry reading, they were once pegged as a dancer, because ‘[he] held [himself] with the graceful poise reserved for people intimate with the ongoing motions of their own flesh’. This skill is most communicable in his hugs, which have been rated very highly by the majority of people who have received them, and occasionally in his actual dancing. The latter they have done professionally for almost five years now (for companies such as Panta Rei Danseteater and Company Chameleon), the former he's yet to monetise.

Alongside this, Oliver has published a book of poetry, performed work of his own in three countries, produced two short-lived podcasts, curated multiple (very good) Spotify playlists, trained haphazardly in aerial arts (mainly aerial hoop), read tarot professionally, and published a few helpful (and not so helpful) articles about life. All this might make him sound very productive, but mostly it’s clear that he’s afraid (or maybe unable) to engage meaningfully with a singular pursuit in case he faces even minor rejection.

He almost exclusively listens to music by the Mountain Goats and his favourite pen is the Faber-Castell Ecco Pigment with a 0.6 mm tip.

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Something of who I am.


Something of where I've been.


Something of what I do.

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 Brutally Honest
(Without The Brutality)

A place for me to express myself, as I want, when I want.
This is the front door to my mind and it is always open. 

Welcome Home.

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