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Oliver Sale is a UK based multidisciplinary artist specialising in contemporary movement theatre, spoken word poetry, aerial arts, and tarot reading.

Despite being a young practitioner, Sale has already cemented himself as a fluid, playful, and innovative artist, working across Europe with Company Chameleon, Autin Dance Theatre, and Panta Rei Danseteatre, amongst others.

Oliver graduated from vocational training at The Rambert School in 2016 and has since received creative mentoring from Dr. Ross McKim, Kerry Nicholls, and Rachel Strickland. His work is refined and deepened through these mentorships to mix his grounded technical abilities with a uniquely elastic movement style to explore a wide variety of ideas through a diverse range of mediums.

From his debut poetry collection ‘There Was No Snow In December’, to his ‘Meditation’ movement series and the ‘Untitled’ works created at Rambert Company’s ‘The Playground’, Sale’s artistic output is viscerally human, earning praise for its unique perspective, humble eye, and endless generosity.

 Brutally Honest
(Without The Brutality)

A place for me to express myself, as I want, when I want.
This is the front door to my mind and it is always open. 

Welcome Home.