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Meditation 2: Dios: About

Meditation 2: Dios

Creation and Performance: Oliver Sale

Music: '18th April' by Tom Kirkpatrick

Lighting: Gearóid O hAllmhuráin

Filmed: Jym Daly, Lucy Dawson, and Matthew Lockett

Created as part of the IACC's 2018 'Creative Intensive' with support from Rachel Strickland, Lee Clayden,

and Chantel McCormick​

Special Thanks to Julia Kayser and Jennifer De Brún

Meditation 2: Dios: About

Additional Materials

Below is all related material, including writing, poetry and images, that inspired or where born from the process.

Meditation 2: Dios: About
Meditation 2: Dios: Gallery

”His fingers touch my crown. I move into his hand, twisting my body up and out, energy drawn far beyond my physicality. Light strikes me as spine becomes spiral, warmth touching my soul, golden liquid pouring through closed lids and into my... For an infinite instance, I am captivated by a world that remains in the unseen. This is the language of dance, and the universe, finding kinship in my endless curve, sings in perfect harmony. There is nothing else, just sunlight and the spiral, and that is everything.”

Written 09.10.18 in response to class lead by Theo Clinkard

Meditation 2: Dios: Quote
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