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Oliver Sale is a freelance movement and spoken word artist living and working in Norway. Born in the UK, Sale pursued vocational training at The Rambert School, from which he graduated in 2016. From there, he apprenticed, and later worked, as a member of Company Chameleon, as well as engaging in other freelance projects in Britain. In 2019 he began working with Norway based Panta Rei Danseteater, and at the end of that year decided to move to Norway full time. Since 2020, Oliver has been a Norwegian residence, teaching, dancing, and creating within the nordic scene.

Over the years, Sale has engaged in a diverse and evolving creative practice that focuses on ideas of empty handedness, improvisational collaboration, and chance encounter. His works have been fleeting but well-received, garnering praise for their honesty, depth, and clarity of vision.

The final arm of their practice is one of teaching. Sale has taught movement workshops in institutions including the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and Middlesex University London, at a professional level during the Irish Aerial Dance Festival and at TripSpace, as well as leading company classes for both Company Chameleon and Autin Dance Theatre.

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