Oliver Sale is a freelance movement artist, spoken word poet, and aerialist living and working in the UK. Having completed his vocational training at the Rambert School in 2016, he has spent the years since touring nationally and internationally with companies such as Panta Rei Danseteater, Company Chameleon, and Autin Dance Theatre.

Alongside his company work, Oliver has developed his own creative practice, focusing on the ideas of freedom and play as an opportunity to reveal deep truth in movement. Through platforms such as Rambert’s ‘The Playground’, and the Irish Aerial Creation Centre’s ‘Creative Intensive’ Oliver has produced a number of works that have been praised for their openness, honesty, and unique creative voice.

Oliver also commits to the daily study of Tarot, and through his affinity for serious play, has found a wonderful new freedom in the art of tree climbing.



A small list of the people who continue to nourish and inspire me, both personally and professionally.


Rachel Strickland

Aerialist | Mentor

Creator of The Audacity Project and the woman who showed me the beauty of the air. Without her, none of this would exist, and I would know so little of myself.

Her gift to me:

Endless | Elusive | Iridescent

Client 3

Kerry Nicholls

Mentor | Visionary

Creator of KND and one of the most powerful, invigorating people in the industry, Kerry support for me has been endless, bringing me back home whenever I am lost.

Her gift to me:

Hope | Inspiration | Alignment


Dr Ross McKim

Teacher | Guide

The source of so much. Ross saw something in me long before I did, and taught me the foundations of all I know about dance, movement, and, peculiarly, cats.

His gift to me:

Ground | Spirit | Home
Le Pape

Client 6

Lee Clayden

Movement Artist | Facilitator

A balancing being, Lee's unique pathways lead me winding into myself when I most need it. HIs practice informs much of how I move and create.

His gift to me:

Touch | Balance | Self


Theo Baruwa

Movement Artist

My brother: Theo is one of the most beautiful souls (and movers) out there. The generous, curious, and humble person, to whom I owe so much joy and self-knowledge.

His gift to me:

Love | Golden | Imago
Le Soleil

Client 1

Chantel McCormick

Mentor | Visionary

Director of Fidget-Feet and Owner of the IACC, Chantel is human fire. There is nothing she cannot achieve, including bringing out the best in you.

Her gift to me:

Heat | Direction | Presence
La Force