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Movement Work

A place to document my choreographic work and associated materials

An Argument of Objects

Improvised Movement and Spoken Word Performance devised throughout 2021 and 2022

Page Contains: Performance Video, Related Quotes


the Invitations project

Piece created for Dansekunst I Østfold and Fredikstad Kommune with Live Skullerud

Page Contains: Trailer, Photography, Credits

Meditation 2: Dios

Movement Piece created December 2018 on Aerial Spiral

Page Contains: Performance Video, Photography, Related Poem, Credits, Written Thoughts


Meditation 1

Movement Piece created December 2017 on Aerial Cyr Wheel

Page Contains: Performance Video, Photography, Related Poem, Credits

…a series of unrelated images that mean nothing and are entirely pointless…

Movement Piece created Spring/Summer 2016

Page Contains: Performance Video, Credits

Screenshot 2019-03-18 at 13.20.33.png
Movement Work: Past Events
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