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Little mixtapes and playlists for certain people or certain moods
Enjoy at your lesisure


A Love Song Coloured Hibiscus 🌺 (Refined Version)

A Love Song to Myself - reduced and slightly edited for 2021.

20 Songs - 1 Hour 2 Minutes


Losing and Having Had

A playlist of grief, curated during the first lockdown of the covid pandemic, after the death of our family dog Sparky.

9 Songs - 37 Minutes


For You There Is Nothing In My Throat But Honey

A sort of love song, a serenade, to someone that isn't really around anymore. Somewhat unstructured but desiring.

16 Songs - 1 Hour 2 Minutes

IMG_6370 2.jpg

Sending Bees To Asia (& Other Love Stories)

Free-form wanderings, each song a gift from someone who loves me, given intentionally or otherwise. Very sporadic and open.

12 Songs - 43 Minutes


I dream about you more than I would like to admit, but when I do, I wake up feeling good.

Created on the rainy paths of Killaloe, Ireland, surrounded by damp greens and choppy water, the mist playing with forms of you I do not remember knowing.

13 Songs - 49  Minutes


she is Pink, he is White

"...and if you have a moment, look up at the sky, listen to its silent speech, bathe in its beauty, and know that this evening, as I listened, as I bathed under the same glorious sight, you were on my mind..."

14 Songs - 42 Minutes


Cracks of morning sunlight through unpulled curtains

A lazy Sunday morning playlist, co-created with my brother, Ben Sale

8 Songs - 36 Minutes

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